• Unbranded Hoover compatible bearing kit  CY05102 Appliance Spares

CY05102 Hoover drum bearing kit

Washing Machine drum bearing and seal kit, part number CY05102
Front large bearing: 6205Z, Rear small Bearing: 6204Z
Bearing sizes : OD 62mm, Bore 29.95mm, OD 52mm Bore 24.85mm
Alternate part numbers: 91406201, 41024551, CY05102
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Will fit the following Washing Machine Models:

Candy Washing Machine
ACS100, ACS100 SY, ACS100.6SY, ACS101, ACS1040, ACS1040SY, ACS106, ACS120, ACS130, ACS130 UK, ACS130.6SY, ACS130CE SY, ACS130P, ACS130SY, ACS132, ACS136, ACS65SY, ACS80, ACS80.6SY, ACS80SY, ACS840, ACS840SY, ACS86, ACT109ACRS, ACT109ECLYP, ACT129ACRSI, ACTIVA 105AC, ACTIVA 108AC, ACTIVA 1091AC, ACTIVA 109ACR, ACTIVA 125AC, ACTIVA 128AC, ACTIVA 1291AC, ACTIVA 129ACR, ACTIVA 79R, ACTIVA 79RSY, ACTIVA 85AC, ACTIVA 89ACR, ACTIVA 89ACRS, ACTIVA 95AC, ACTIVA 99R, ALCB103TR, ALCB106TR-04, ALCB115-47, ALCL126-47, ALISE CB103T, ALISE CB103TR, ALISEC B123TR, ALISE CB133TR, ALISE CB83TR, AM1042S H/C, AQ100TR, AQ120/1TUK, AQ130 WD, AQ130/1T-80, AQ130/1TUK, AQC101TR, AQC102TR, AQUAVIVA 1000ES, AQUAVVIVA 100AC, AQUAVVIVA 120AC, AQUAVIVA 800ES, AQUAV.CE101, AQUAVIVA 110T, AQUAVIVA 120T, AQUAVIVA 125T, AQUAVIVA 130T, AQUAVIVA 141T, AUTOS 120TR, AUTOS.130TR, C1 145-14S, C1025-37, C1041, C1042T, C1044T, C105TXT-16S, C1105-14S, C1125-14S, C1145-84, C125TXT-16S, C1262T, C145TXT-84, C1506-01S, C1507-01S, C1508-01S, C2 105-84, C2 115-47, C2 125-84, C2 145-47, C2075-01, C2075-47, C2085-16S, C2085-RU, C2085.5, C2095-16S, C2095-RU, C2105-47, C2105-86S, C2105-RU, C2125-47, C2125-86S, C2145-84, C2145-86S, C2510-01S, C2512-01S, C514-80/1, C532, C534/C, C535T, C535T, C535T/C, C535T/D, C536T, C577T, C835T, C844T, CA106TR, CA66TR, CA861TR, CA86TR, CB1013TR, CB1023TR, CB1024T, CB102TR, CB1033TR Y, CB103TR, CB1043TR, CB1043TR M, CB1053TR, CB106TR, CB1213TR EXP, CB1224T, CB123TR, CB50AT, CB52T, CB60.6T, CB60AT, CB613TR, CB62T, CB62TR, CB63TES, CB63TR, CB63TRCKD, CB66TR, CB66TRSY, CB73TR, CB74TR, CB813TR, CB823TR, CB824T CB82T, CB82TR, CB83T, CB83TR, CB85TR, CB86TR, CB86TRSY, CB96TR SY, CBD100-16S, CBD100.65-04, CBD100.6IT, CBD1060-37CO, CBD110, CBD110-47, CBD116-37, CBD116-37SME, CBD1161-37, CBD1163-37S, CBD120-16S, CBD125-14, CBD125-84, CBD130, CBD130-16S, CBD136-37, CBD136-47, CBD140-47, CBD1425, CBD1425-14, CBD145-01S, CBD145-84, CBD145P14, CBD60-85, CBD70 IT, CBD80-85, CBD80P, CBD85.65-04S, CBD85P, CBD86SY, CBD96-37, CBE1025T, CBE1025TS5, CBE1225T, CBE130TV47, CBE1425T, CBE1425T SY, CBE75TR, CBE825T, CBE825TS5, CBE87, CBE88, CBL100, CBL100 PL, CBL100 SY, CBL100.6 SY, CBL106ES, CBL120, CBL120 SY, CBL130, CBL130 SY, CBL130PDE, CBL130PSY, CBL132, CBL140 UK, CBL65.6SY, CBL75.6SY, CBL76ES, CBL85, CBL85 SY, CBL85.6SY, CBL863ES, CBL864ES, CBL86ES, CBL90, CBL96ES MIRO, CDB115-80, CDB134-SY, CDN130TR, CE104, CE104/1, CE1049T, CE1055T TEMPO, CE114, CE124, CE124/1, CE1249T, CE450, CE520T, CE530, CE537/C, CE537/D, CE538/D, CE538T/C, CE615, CE621T, CE623R, CE625TR, CE629T, CE650TR, CE820T/823T, CE823T, CE84, CE849T, CE850TR, CE94, CG1054.3T, CG1054T, CG1254T, CG544T, CG554T, CG564T/C, CG574T/D, CG623T, CG644.3T, CG644T, CG854.3T, CG854T, CGA814R, CHIARA 552TR, CHIARA 553AT, CHIARA 742SET, CHIARA 762TR, CHIARA 772ETR, CI100A, CI100T BLU, CI100T METAL, CI100T ROSSO, CI100T Y, CI100TR, CI1016TR, CI1051T, CI120TR, CI120TR EXP, CI537T, CI57TR, CI622T, CI624T, CI627T, CI637T, CI656TR, CI813T, CI816TR, CI824T, CI827TR ES, CI833T, CI950TR, CIN100T, CIN100TUK, CIN126TL-37S, CIN60T, CIN80T, CIW100T, CIW100TUK, CJ514, CJ524/C, CJ534/D, CJ534AT, CJ543T, CJ643T, CJA52T, CJE813, CM1 126-80, CM106TXT-01, CM106TXT-03S, CM1146-80, CM1146S-80, CM126.5TXT, CM126TXT-01, CM126TXT-16S, CM146HTXT-01, CM146HTXT-03, CM146TXT-1, CM146TXT-14M, CM1612-80, CM1612J, CM2 136-80, CM2 146-14, CM2 146-47, CM2 146-80, CM2 166-14, CM2076-18S, CM2086-01, CM2086-18S, CM2106-01, CM2106-16S, CM2106.5, CM2106S-01S, CM211-37S, CM2116-37S, CM2116/1-47, CM2126-03S, CM2126-14, CM2126-47, CM2136-14, CM2136-47, CM2146-14, CM2146-47, CM2146-86S, CM2610-37, CM2611S-37, CM611TXT-37, CM613TXT-37, CM614TXT-37, CMD106, CMD106-16S, CMD126-01, CMD126-04S, CMD126-50HZ, CMD136-80, CMD136-86, CMD146-80, CMD146S, CN100T ARGOS, CN105T, CN116TUK, CN126T-80, CN126TUK, CN136T-80, CN136TUK, CN450 UK, CN50T, CN53.1/C, CN53.1/D, CN55AT, CN60AT, CN60T, CN63T, CN63T C.I., CN63TCKD, CN63TRU-03S, CN65AT, CN65AT-01S, CNA135-80, CNA145-80, CNE100TV, CNE101T, CNE103T-04S, CNE108T, CNE109T, CNE110TV47, CNE128T, CNE128TV-01S, CNE138T, CNE148T, CNE148TSY, CNE78T, CNE85TS, CNE85TV, CNE88T, CNE88TV47, CNE89T, CNL085-03S, CNL105-37S, CNL125-84S, CNL135AQ-80, CNL136-47S, CNL145-83S, CNL69-01S, CNV256-80, CNW136T, CNWD136, CNWD146, CS085TXT-03S, CS085TXT-RU, CS105TXT, CS105TXT-16S, CS1105-16S, CS115TXT-01, CS115TXT-03, CS125TXT, CS125TXT-16S, CS2 084-03, CS2 094-03, CS2 104-03, CS2075-01, CS2084-RU, CS2085-03S, CS2085-16S, CS2094-RU, CS2104-RU, CS2105-01, CS2105-03S, CS2105-16S, CS2108-RU, CS2115-16S, CS2125-16S, CS2125-RU, CS288-RU, CSBE100TV-03, CSBE640TR, CSBE740TR, CSBE840TS5, CSBL100**, CSBL100 SY, CSBL75, CSBL75 SY, CSBL85, CSBL85 SY, CSD100-01, CSD100-03S, CSD120-03S, CSD80, CSD85, CSD85-03S, CSG424T, CSG624T, CSI415T, CSI615T, CSN52AT, CSN62AT-01S, CSN62T, CSN62T-03S, CSNE103TV-03, CSNE82T-01S, CSNE93TV-03S, CSNL085-03S, CSNL105-03S, CSW105-03, CWB100-37S, CWB110-80, CWB120-37S, CWB80-37S, CWD126-47, CWD146-47, CY104TXT-16, CY1084-16S, CY2 1035-03 CY2074-01S, CY2084-16S, CY2104-16S, CYNL084-03S, D.QUICK120TR, D.QUICK130TR, D.QUICK131, ECO 1000, ECO 1001, EXCLUS 751TR, GO105-01, GO106-01, GO106-37, GO1060D-01, GO106TXT-01, GO11-37S, GO116TXT-37, GO126-14, GO126-37, GO126-80, GO126S-80, GO126TXT-01, GO136-14, GO145-84, GO146-14, GO146-80, GO146-84, GO146HTXT-01, GO510-07S, GO510-16S, GO5100D-16S, GO511-16S, GO512-16S, GO514-86S, GO 610-37S, GO 6100D-16S, GO 610S-01S, GO610TXT-07S, GO611-37S, GO 612-37S, GO 612-47, GO 612TXT-07S, GO612X-37S, GO613-47, GO614-47, GO 614-86S, GO 614HTXT-16, GO 614TXT-14S, GO67-18S, GO68-18S, GO75-01, GO 85-01, GO85-07S, GO86-01, GO95-07S**, HOL1002TL, HOL1003TL, HOL1040TXT, HOL162, HOL182, HOL186, HOL62, HOL803TL, HOLIDAY 1035, HOLIDAY 1040, HOLIDAY 804, KITCB83TR, KITCB83TSM, KITCZM167, KIT GO 107TXT, KIT GO 87CKD, LADY C 623CKD, MY LOGIC 1041, MY LOGIC 10, MY LOGIC 10/F, MY LOGIC 1041A, MY LOGIC 10A, MY LOGIC 10SY, MY LOGIC 12, MY LOGIC 13, MY LOGIC 13 SY, MY LOGIC 7, MY LOGIC 741, MY LOGIC 8, MY LOGIC 8 SY, MY LOGIC 841AC, MY LOGIC 8A, MY LOGIC 9, SELECTA 732ETR, SELECTA 743SETR, SELECTA 731TR, SMART COM13, SMART COMP13, SMART 12 ACTIVIVA , SMART 13, SMART 13 DE, SMART13D, SMART 13SYM, SPRINT 100TR, SPRINT 101TR, SPRINT 110TR, SPRINT 120TR, WDDQ130 UK, WM1001, WM601, WM801, WP900
Cylinda Washing Machine
SLF1060, SLF1060STEEL, WA1017, WA1217
Hoover Washing Machine
A052, A052S, A061S, A061S KUWAIT, A0620, A062S, A0820, A087 011, A089 011HC, A107 071, A109 011HC, A125SX/1, A127 071, AA212 011, AA230 001, AA231 061, AA232 011, AA232 021, AB100, AB105 001, AB110, AB110 011, AB110 021, AB115 001, AB130 001, AB130 011, AB130 021, AB135 001, AB90 011, AB90 021, ABA11 001, AC110 001, AC115 001, AC120 001, AC121 01, AC125 001, AC327 001, AC90 001, AC95 001, ACA10 001, ACM110 01, ACM15, AE110 021, AE110 031, AE112 011, AE113 071, AE130 001, AE130 021, AE130 031, AE131 061, AE135 001, AE136 001, AE137 001, AE140 001, AE140 031, AE142 011, AE143 071, AE145 001, AE146 001, AE147 001, AE160 021, AE160 031, AE161 061, AE162 011, AE163 071, AEA14 007, AI100 11, AI1040, AI120 61, AI120PL, AI130 01, AI130 41, AIS136 31, AIS136PL, AIS136SY, AL120, AL120 01, AL120 11, AL120 31, AL126 11, AL130, AL130 01, AL130 11, AL130 31, AL131 31, AL132 11, AL80, AL80 11, AL86 11, ALA122 01, AM100LEB, AM1042S11, AM110 01, AM110 11, AM110LEB, AM115 01, AM120 01, AM1243S 11, AM130 11, AM131 11, AM132 11, AM540S 11, AM640S, AM640S 11, AM842S, AM842S H/C, AM843S 11, AMA122 07, AMC121 01, AR210 031, AR213 071, AR230 031, AR233 071, AS110, AS110 021, AS110 031, AS111 061, AS112 011, AS113 071, AS115 001, AS116 001, AS120, AS125 001, AS126 001, AS130, AS130 021, AS130 031, AS131 061, AS132 011, AS133 071, AS135 001, AS136001, AS90 031, AS92 011, ASA120, AV210 011, AV210 021, AV230 011, AVA20 007, AVA22 007, AWA11 007, CA230 003, CA231 03, CA232 UK, H100EPL, H110M, H110M6 SY, H120E, H120M, H130E, H130E UK, H130M, H130M CMT, H5 13MCE, H5 13MDE, H5 14 ENL, H5 14EDE, H50AT SY, H60AT SY, H70M6 SY, H80E, HC110M UK, HC120M UK, HC130M UK, HC6120MUK, HC6130MUK, HDB244-80, HDB284-80, HDB284-SY, HLN6212, HMC131 CWS, HN33 5654, HN33 6804, HN336104-30, HN4105-30S, HN4805-30S, HN5060-30, HN5065-30, HN5075-30, HN5125-84S, HN5135-83M, HN565.5-04S, HN6125-89S, HN6135-84, HN6135-86S, HN6145-86S, HN6655-30, HNL2126-80, HNL2126S-80, HNL2136-80, HNL2136S, HNL3146-80, HNL3146S-80, HNL3166Z-80, HNL6106-37S, HNL6106.5-04, HNL6106P, HNL6106Z-30, HNL6126, HNL6126P30, HNL6126S, HNL6136S, HNL6146-83, HNL6146-84, HNL6146-86, HNL686-30, HNL686-37S, HNL7126-80, HNL7126S-80, HNL7146-80, HNL9116-85S, HNL9126-16S, HNL9136-03S, HNL9136-37S, HNL9136-80, HNL9136P, HNL9146Z, HNS4085-30, HNS4105-30, HNS5065-30, HNS6105-16S, HNS6105P-3, HNS6125P-3, HNS9125-16S, HNS9125P, HNWF3135, HNWF3137, HNWL3126, HNWL3136, HNWL3136S, HNWL6126E-30, HNWL6136, HNWL6136-84, HNWL6136-84S, HNWL6136-85S, HNWL6136S-80, HNWL6146, HNWL7136, HNWL7136-80, HNWL7136S, HNWL7146-80, HNWS6125, HNWS6125-03, HP12J-80, HP13-80, HP13ECE, HP13EDE, HP14-80, HP14J-80, HP6 110M, HP6 120M, HP6 130M, HPA135-80, HPB145-80, HPE236-80, HPL145-84, HPL146-84, HPM110, HPM120, HPM130, HPWD136-80, HQ130, HQ150, HS100I, HSE120UK, HSE130M, HSW110M UK, HSW146-80, HSW2115M, HSW2125M, HSWD126-80, HSWD146, HVP13, HW120M UK, HW120PROMO, HW130M UK, HW130 PROMO, HW5213MUK, HW6313ECE, HW6313MUK, HWB240-80, HWB280-30S, HWB280-80, HWD120-80, HWD120TD80, HWD130J-80, HWM120TS80, HWP12-80, KIT H66T CKD, KITHNL3137, LSTEEL1059E, OHNL6116, PE235, PE235-80, PPA 136-80, PPW126-80, SE130 011, SE220 001, SE230 01, SE234-80, SPB11, SPC12 001, VHD106-16S, VHD146-86S, VHD610-30, VHD611P-30, VHD612Z-14, VHD614-84, VHD614Z-14, W105SX/1, WA110 001, WA115 001, WB120 001, WB120 011, WB120 021, WB125 001, WDM120 01, WDM125 01, WDM130 01, WDM130 11, WE120 031, WE140 001, WE140 031, WE143 071, WE145 001, WE146 001, WE147 001, WS130 001, WS135 001, WS136 001, WSE130 011
Iberna Washing Machine
IBL120, ILB100T-01S, ILB60T-04S, ILB80T-01S, ILF1059, ILF1259, ILF558AT**, ILF637, ILF658AT, ILF857T1, ILFE858T, ILS50AT, ILS546AT, LBI2505**, LBI2515T**, LBI2518T/1, LBI2566T, LBI2610T, LBI2612T/1, LBIAF1055T, LBIAF1255T, LBIAF635, LBIAF655T, LBIAF855T, LBIAS444T, LBIAS644T, LBILF1057T, LBILF1257T, LBILF657T, LBILF857T, LBILS445T, LBILS645T
Kelvinator Washing Machine
FAM100S, FAM120S, FAM60, FAM80, K4T/H, K62.6T, K624T, K65T-04S, K66T-04S, K6T, K86T- 4S, KITK66T, KM46RZA, KM46ZA, KWD100604S, KWD835T, SA100S, SA80
OST Washing Machine
823CFH, 824CFHMASTER, ETERNA906H, HVP13-37, LBCH1265, LBD1044H, LBD644HDENSA, LBOH646, LBOH656A, LBOH836, LBOH836A, LFC635H, LFC655AH EX, LFC835H, LFC836AH EXP, LFOH536**, LFOH626, LFOH627A, LFOH826, LFOH846A, LIOH1040, LLBC965EX, LLBD984A, LLOH1256A, LLOH906A, LLOH946A, OH100E6, OH103 M6, OH130E6, OH60AT5, OH83M6, OH852M5, OHN6105-37, OHN685-37, OHNL6106-37, OHNL6116-37, OHNL6116S-37, OHNL6116X-37, OHNL6126-37, OHNL9106-37, OHNY683-37, OHS3380M, VHD611-37, VHD613Z-37
Otsein Washing Machine
823CF MASTER, ETERNA900, ETERNA906, GENIUS10, LBC1265EXP., LBD1044DENSA, LBD644DENSA, LBO1256A, LBO646, LBO836, LBO946A, LFC635EX, LFC835EXPERT, LFD1021, LFD621, LFE1224, LFE523, LFE612, LFE823, LFO104, LFO124, LFO522, LFO53, LFO536, LFO54, LFO62, LFO622, LFO626, LFO66, LFO826, LFO832, LFO84, LN415, LN615
Rosieres Washing Machine
LH600, LH700, LH802, LWH105, LWH905, RILL120, RILL140-47S, RILS120H/C, RILS140-47
Tecnik Washing Machine
Vyatka Washing Machine
B1054-RU, B1056-RU, B1254-RU, B654-RU, B843-RU, B854-RU, B856-RU
Zerowatt Washing Machine
AMBRA061, AMBRA151, AMBRA160, AMBRA161, AMBRA161C, AMBRA166, AMBRASUPER5, CA756SS, CM768SS, CM797SS, CM968SS, CP643, E5.40P, E50, E60HC CKD, EH50, EH55A**, EH65A, EHS33.62A, EHS40, EHS54A, EHS60, EHS64A, EHS70A, EMA80SS, EMH80AS, EP500C EURO, EP500EURO, EP7401A SS, EP7501MASS, ES40, ES60, ES613SS EURO, ESA70, ESP401EURO, ESP601EURO, H100EUNI, H108ES, H109ES, H3360, H4055A, H4065E, H5065E, H57A, H60AT-30, H61AT-30, H63A, H87E, HC557A**, HC653A, HC666E, HMP1058E SS, HMP1059E SS, HMP5085E, HMP756E, HMP856E, HN2105-30, HN2805-30, HN6755-30, HNL6106-30, HNL6116Z-30, HNL6116ZS-30, HNL6136ZX-30, HNL6856-30, HNL6856Z-30, HNL9136Z-30, HNS2105-30, HNS2805-30, HNS5655-30, HNS6105-30, HNS6105Z-30, HNS6115Z-30, HNS6115ZS-30, HNS6125ZX-30, HNS6755-30, HNS6855Z-30, HNS9115Z-30, HNWL6106-30, HNY6103-30, HNY6803-30, HS100EUN, HS33.66A, HS33.88E, HS50AT-30, HS60AT-30, HS61AT-30, HVL2136-30, HVP13, HY60AT-30, HZ1042SY, HZ2506T, HZ2506TA, HZ6 11I, HZ842SY, HZI1040, HZI110 51, HZS102-30S, HZS82-30S, KITLADY833E, KITLADY834E, L.FAMILYHM6S, L.FAMILYM6SS, L.SIXHM756E, L.SIXHM758ES, L.SIXHM856E, L.SIXHM958ES, LADY834CKD, LADYCL.664, LADYPIUH68E, LADYPIUH77E, LADYPIUH78ES, LADYPIUH88ES, LADYPIUH99ES, LADYSTEEL9SS, LADYZ.L628SS, LADYZ.Z67SS, LADYZEROH67S, LP623, LZ.LP422, MA1059SS, MA758SS, MA958SS, MA959SS, MIL.7409ASS, MIL.7509MASS, MYL.HM750ES, MYLADYH740ES, SEL.8507MASS, SEL.HM850ES, SELECTA4407, SELECTAH4407, SPAZIO0062, SPAZIOO042, STEELH98ES, STEELHM959ES, SUPER5L/800, Z86E, ZA109SS, ZA77, ZA78SS, ZA88SS, ZA89SS, ZA98SS, ZL100.6, ZL120.6, ZL360, ZL4100, ZL460, ZL480, ZL60, ZL61, ZL80
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Hoover compatible bearing kit  CY05102 ~ electricspare.co.uk

  • Brand: Unbranded
  • SKU CY05102
  • Availability: 6
  • Delivery from ₤ 3.90
  • £17.99

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