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20uF Universal fit capacitor

Capacitor 20uF (microfarad) motor start, run, reverse
SKU UN1111

Alternate part numbers: UN1111, 50246553007, 386712, C00105358, C00657315, 651016791, CAP2066

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Will fit Tumble Dryer Models:

Diplomat Tumble Dryer
APM 8502, APM 8512, APM 8521-1
EBoard Tumble Dryer
AWM1000, WD1100
Electra Tumble Dryer
AWM1000, AWM1000A, AWM1000AE, AWM1100A, AWM1100AE, AWM1100BE, AWM1100BECO, AWM900A, AWM900AE, AWM900BE, AWM900BECO, WD1100, WD1100A
Eurotech Tumble Dryer
EW100, WD90
Erwin Bonn Tumble Dryer
EB1000 F
Homark 02-800370, 02-800370, 02-800370-1
Lendi Tumble Dryer
1100, WD1100 HC
Powerpoint Tumble Dryer
200IWD-1, WD800, WD800-W, WM950, WM950-W
Proline Tumble Dryer
M3802W, M3808W, M9812W
Servis Tumble Dryer
1200, M3008S, M3008W, M301B, M301W, M302W, M3090, M3100B, M3100C, M3100G, M3100S, M3108W, M3108W, M310A, M310B, M310B, M310B-M9, M310W, M310W, M310W MT, M310W(OKO), M310W-1 75, M3110C, M3110W, M3111B, M3112W, M312W, M3200B, M3200C, M3200G, M3200S, M3208, M3208B, M3208G, M320W, M3210, M3210B, M3210G, M3212, M3212B, M3212G, M3212S, M330, M332, M340**, M340X, M3410, M3412, M342, M342X, M3610, M3612, M390, M3901, M3901-1, M391, M391B, M392, M6110, M6125, M6612, M908W, M9090, M909B, M909W, M911B, M911B-2, M911B-M9, M911W, M911W-2, M911W-2(OKO), M9130, M919, M919X, M9211, M9309, M9309 IRL, M931, M9312, M9312 IRL, M9409B, M9409G, M9409S, M9409W, M941, M9412W, M941X, M949, M9602, M991, M991B, M992
White Westinghouse Tumble Dryer
02-200570, 02-200570-1
Indesit Tumble Dryer
092AOG, 092B1G, 093B1G, 2092AOG, 2093, 2252E, 2447, L5LGB, L7LGB, L8LGB
Hygena Tumble Dryer
APM8502, APM8512, APM8521-1
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Universal tumble dryer & dishwasher capacitor 20uF ~ Electricspare

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  • SKU UN1111
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