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49018683 Candy Hoover compatible washing machine carbon brushes

Compatible washing machine motor carbon brushes pair
Part Number SV1202
Alternate part numbers:
49018683, 49019683, 97920565, 92126721, 082636175, CAR69, CBN9126, C00202414, SV1202
Information on Fitting Motor Carbon Brushes

One item from our range of quality washing machine parts

Will fit Washing Machine Models:

New World Washing Machines
HLE19002 HLE19003
Candy Washing Machines and Washer Dryers
AC20, ACT840ACRS, ACTIVA100P, ACTIVA101, ACTIVA101P, ACTIVA105AC, ACTIVA106P, ACTIVA108AC, ACTIVA1091AC, ACTIVA121, ACTIVA125AC, ACTIVA126P, ACTIVA1291AC, ACTIVA740, ACTIVA80P, ACTIVA81, ACTIVA840ACR, ACTIVA84SLIM, ACTIVA85AC, ACTIVA85AC, ACTIVA86P, ACTIVA95AC, ALISE'1000, ALISE101ES, ALISE'1050ES, ALISE1050ESB, ALISE1200ES, ALISE120ES, ALISE'1244, ALISE'125, ALISE'1250ES, ALISE844, ALISE'950ES, ALISECE10, AQC101TR, AQC102TR, AQUA8, AQUA8T, AQUAMATIC10T, AQUAMATIC8T, AQUAV.1000ES, AQUAV.100AC, AQUAV.12 ES, AQUAV.1200ES, AQUAV.120AC, AQUAV.900 ES, AQUAVIVA1000, AQUAVIVA1200, AQUAVIVA141T, AS108, AS108 (UK), C1003XT, C1005XT, C1007XT, C1040 (UK), C1044T, C1204XT, C1206XT, C1260 (UK), C1261, C1700XT, C5101X (NL), C5102X (CE), C5103XT, C5104XT (SE), C5124XT, C5125XT (NL), C905XT, CB1024T, CB1224T, CB73TR, CBL140 UK, CBL146UK, CBL160UK, CBL166UK, CDN140TR, CE104, CE104/1, CE1049T, CE124/1, CE450, CE94, CG1054T, CG1254T, CG854T, CHIARA762TR, CI100A, CI1014ES, CI1051T, CI1069XT, CI1204ES, CI5140XT, CI827TR ES, CN146T80, CN150TUK, CN166T80, CNW156T, CSB840XTR, CSI835XTR, CSI835XTR SY, D.QUICK120TR, D.QUICK130TR, DBQ151, DQW150 UK, ECO 1001, ENERGA735, EXCLUS.751TR, HOLIDAY181, HOLIDAY803, HOLIDAY81, SC1000, SC1200 (UK), SELECTA731TR, SLIMMY844XT, SLIMMY855XT, SLIMMYCB82XT, SMART12 ACT., SMART13, SMART13, SMART13 DE, SMART13D, SMART13SYM, SMART16, SOFTWASHER, TC1244 (UK), TURBO40/CM, TURBO40/CW, WDDQ130 UK, WM1000X (SE), WM1000X (UK), WM1201, WP110, A1250, A127 071, AAA140 01, AAA160 01, AAA160 11, AAA160 31, AB110 011, AB110 021, AB130 011, AB130 021, AB90 011, AB90 021, AC121 01, ACM15, ACM16 UK, AE110 021, AE110 031, AE112 011, AE113 071, AE130 021, AE130 031, AE131 061, AE140 001, AE140 031, AE142 011, AE145 001, AE146 001, AE147 001, AE160 001, AE160 021, AE160 031, AE161 061, AE162 011, AE163 071, AE165 001, AE166 001, AE167 001, AE246 001, AEA14 007, AI140 11, AI140 31, AL140 11, AL140 31, AL150 01, AS110 021, AS110 031, AS111 061, AS112 011, AS113 071, AS130 021, AS130 031, AS131 061, AS132 011, AS133 071, AS90 031, AS92 011, ASC100T, ASL80SLIMMY, ASM160UK, EL160 UK
Gasire Washing Machine
Hoover Washing Machines and Washer Dryers
H140E UK, H160E UK, H160I UK, HC6160EUK, HCP160 EUK, HCP160IUK, HNL3146-80, HNL3146S-80, HNL3156-80, HNL3166Z-80, HNWL3166, HP6 150M, HQ150, HSW150M80, HW160M UK, HW5513MUK, HW6316MUK, HWF130MUK, HWF131MUK, SE160E, SUPER7X
Iberna Washing Machine
ILB100T-01S, ILB80T-01S, IWF1000TX, LBI2612TX, LBIAF1055T, LBIAF1255T, LBIWF1001TX, LLI1025
Kelvinator Washing Machines and Washer Dryers
K10TX, KM120W, KTL88, KWD835T, SA100S, SA80
OST Washing Machines and Washer Dryers
ETERNA906H, LBCH1265, LBD1044H, LBOH160AAA, LBOH836, LFOH1056P, LFOH856P, LIOH1040, LLOH1256A, LLOH33.8A, OHN6105-37, OHN685-37, OHNL6106-37, OHNL6116-37, OHNL6116S-37, OHNL6116X-37, OHNL9106-37, TROP.VARIO7H, VARIO7H, VHD611-37
Otsein Washing Machines and Washer Dryers
ETERNA 900, ETERNA 906, GENIUS 10, LBC1265EXP, LBD1044DENSA, LBO836, LBO946A, LFD1021, LFE1140I, LFE1224, LFO104, LFO1070I, LFO124, LFO83I, LFO84, LN1070I, LSE813I, LSN1007I, LSN1700I, LSO1000I, LSO1700I, LSO824
Rosieres Washing Machines and Washer Dryers
LH38, LH80, LH802, LHP812, LL33.8RB (F), LS74.10RB(F), LSH610, LSI100, LSI5.10GT-PN, LSI5.10RB(F), LWH101, LWH101FR, LWH105, LWH81, LWH905, LWS102, LWS105, RILL100H/C, RILS101H/C, TL40.82RB(F)
Zerowatt Washing Machines and Washer Dryers
0842.1 ROMO, 1051.1 ROMO, 33-800 IDRO, 5120LX CLASS, 688 240V/50H, CA580E, CLAS.CX1047I, CLASSICCX847, EHS70A, EMH80AS, EP7401A SS, ESA70, FAMILIA7HC, H108ES, H109ES, H4065E, H87E, HN2105-30, HN2805-30, HNL6116ZS-30, HNS2105-30, HNS2805-30, HNS5655-30, HNS6105-30, HNS6105Z-30, HNS6115Z-30, HNS6115ZS-30, HNS6125ZX-30, HNS6755-30, HNS6855Z-30, HNS9115Z-30, HS100EUN, HX33.8, HX33.86A, HZ2510TX, HZ6 16I, HZI1040, HZI160 51, HZS102-30S, HZS82-30S, HZWD44C, KITLADY834E, LADY834CKD, LADYPIUH68E, LADYPIUH77E, LADYPIUH78ES, LADYPIUH88ES, LADYPIUH99ES, LADYTROP.420, LADYZ.LX825, LADYZ.ZX33.8, LX728SS, LX798SS MIL., LX828SS, MIL.7409ASS, MULT.XXL SY, MYLADYH740ES, OASIS1054, PROFES.840X, STEELH98ES, SUPER5L/800, SUPER7X, SUPER8 Hz60, TROPI1007LXE, TROPIC1007E, TROPIC1007LX, TROPIC1007XE, TROPIC44XSS, TROPIC842, TROPIC8EL115, TROPICHX44S, X33/800IE, ZA109SS, ZA77, ZA78SS, ZA88SS, ZA89SS, ZA98SS, ZL100.6, ZL4100, ZL460, ZL480, ZL60, ZL61, ZL80, ZX1247ELCLAS
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Candy compatible brushes ~ Electricspare

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