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C00209193 Hotpoint compatible thermostat kit

Hotpoint tumble dryer thermostat cut out kit, part number HP66104
Includes 85ºc & 109ºc thermostats, the red spot thermostat is a "one shot" safety device and if your dryer overheats it will "blow" or go open circuit exactly like a fuse.
Alternate part numbers: 1741124, C00209193, C00810254, HP66104, TOC31
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Will fit Tumble Dryer Models:

Creda Tumble Dryer
37294, 37295, 37308, 37309, 37316, 37333, 373450001Q, 37371, 37372, 37373, 37374, 37374Y, 37375, 37376, 37377, 37378, 37381, 37382, 37455M001Q, 37462M001Q, 37481, 37482M001Q, 37483M001Q, 37485, 37487E, 37489, 37494, 375410001Q, 37541V, 37542M001Q, 37543M001Q, 37544M001Q, 37545M001Q, 37546M001Q, 37548, 37549, 375570001Q, 37565E, 37566E, 37567E, 37569E, 37600, 37603, 37603I, 37611E, 37640, 37641, 37642, 37643, 37644, 37645E, 37646E, 37648, 37649, 37650, 37651, 37652, 37653E, 37654G, 37655, 37656, 37657, 37658, 37660, 37714, 37715, 37716, 37717E, 37718E, 37719E, 37740, 37742, 37743, 37745E, 37746E, 37750, 37751, 37752, 37753E, T301IS, T301UWE, T310VW, T312VW, T320VW, T322VW, TR6, TR7, TU6, TU7
Electra Tumble Dryer
37288M001Q, 37288M001Q, 37290, 37290V, 37459, 37459, 37459V, 37459V, 37466M001Q, 37466M001Q, 37468M001Q, 37472E, 37472E, 37663, 37663V, 37664, 37664V, 37665, 37666E
Fagor Tumble Dryer
37349, 37609, 37610E, 37712, SF38, 37713E
General Electric Tumble Dryer
37504, 37505, 37506, 9327PG, 9339PG, DDE3002TWW, DDE3006TWW, DDE5002SWW, DDE5002TWW, DDE5003TWW, DDE5603VWW, DDE6002SWW, DDE6002TWW, DDE6602VWW, DDE6702VWW, DDE9002TWW, RDE5002TWW, TS12PG
Hotpoint Tumble Dryer
9305P, 9305PE, 9305W, 9306A, 9306P, 9306PE, 9306W, 9312A, 9312W, 9316W/1, 9317W/1, 9318A, 9318P, 9318PE, 9318W, 9326W/1, 9327A, 9327P, 9327PE, 9327W, 9336W/1, 9339A, 9339P, 9339PE, 9339W, 9349A, 9349P, 9349W, 9372W, 9372W/1, 9374W, 9375P, TL11P, TL11W, TL12P, TL14P, TL21A, TL21P, TL21W, TL22A, TL22P, TL22W, TL31A, TL31P, TL31W, TL32A, TL32P, TL32W, TL41A, TL41P, TL41W, TL42A, TL42P, TL42W, TL43A, TL43P, TL43W, TL51A, TL51P, TL51W, TL52A, TL52P, TL52W, TL61N, TL61P, TL61PE, TL61PE, TL61X, TL62H, TL62N, TL62P, TL62T, TL62U, TL62X, TL63PE, TL63PE, TL64PE, TL64PE, TL71N, TL71P, TL71S, TL71X, TS11P, TS11W, TS12A, TS12P, TS12PE, TS12W, TS13P, TS14P, V3D00P
Indesit Tumble Dryer
G31VU, G32V, G32VS
White Westinghouse Tumble Dryer
37369, 27590, 37596, 37597, 37633, 37634E, SW51

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