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Electricspare, established in 2003, has been trading for 15 years without really being very well known. I sell appliance spares, spare parts for appliance, ovens, cookers, tumble dryers, dishwashers, washing machines and vacuum cleaners ( hoovers ). Previously trading as a limited company, it is now just myself Email Me, Self employed sole trader, I have worked in the electrical appliance repair business for over 30 years. I try to offer fair prices, always striving to reduce costs in every possible way, excellent customer service and an equally fair returns policy, where all I ask is that the items are returned unopened and in the original resaleable packaging. Originally trained as a radio,TV and electronic engineer. I love boats, sailing and everything to do with the sea, staunch supporter of the RNLI.


Electric Oven Cooling Fans

Oven Cooling Fans come in several forms, but are mainly of the tangential fan type because of the construction being such that the air flow is at right angles to the line of the motor shaft and the length and tubular shape of the fan is such that it requires support at both ends. This type of fan is generally used for its flat construction, so they can more easily fit into the compact area at the top of the oven which houses the controls. These fans are used to keep the control panel area of the cooker cool so that the controls, such as thermostats, electronics and clocks remain unaffected by the temperature increase of the oven. They are more often than not, temperature controlled by a delay thermostat, switching on as the oven temperate increases and remaining on after the oven has been switched off so as to keep the control area cool and unaffected by the residual heat from the oven.