Candy Hoover door handle kit 49007818

Washing machine door handle repair kit, part number 49007818
Alternate part numbers: 49007818, 49001136, 91601653, HV19100
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Will fit Washing Machine Models:

Candy Washing Machine
CN126T-80, CN136T-80, CNA135-80, CNA145-80, CNV256-80, CNWD136, CNWD146
Hoover Washing Machine
HPA135-80, HPL145-84, HPL146-84, HP12J-80, HP13-80, HP14-80, HP14J-80, HP15J-80, HP16-80, HP16J-80, HPA146-80, HPA166-80, HPE236-80, HPF137, HPF167-80, HPL146-84, HPWD136-80, HPWD166-80, HSP16-80, HSPF157, HSPF167, HSW146-80, HSW166S-80, HSWD126-80, HSWD146, HSWD166, HSWF147-80, HSWF167-80, HWD120-80, HWD130J-80, HWP12-80, PFA137-80, PFA167-80, PFW135-80, PFW137-80, PPA 136-80, PPA136S, PPA146-80, PPW126-80, PPW166-80
Iberna Washing Machine
Kelvinator Washing Machine
FAM100S, FAM120S, FAM60, FAM80, K45T-04S, K65T-04S, K66T-04S, K86T- 4S, KITK66T, KWD100604S, SA100S, SA80
Zerowatt Washing Machine
H50AT-30, H60AT-30, H61AT-30, HS61AT-30, HY60AT-30

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Washing machine door handle kit 49007818

  • Brand: Candy Group
  • SKU 49007818
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